What is medical non-woven medical non-woven material


What is medical non-woven fabric? Medical non-woven material, with the continuous renewal and rapid development of sterilization packaging materials, medical non-woven material as the final packaging materials of sterilization has been entered into the disinfection supply center of various hospitals at all levels.

What is medical non-woven medical non-woven material

1 medical non-woven fabrics are different from ordinary non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabrics. Ordinary non-woven fabric does not have bactericidal; Compound non-woven cloth waterproof effect is good, poor air permeability, generally used for surgical clothes and surgical sheets; Medical non-woven fabric is made by spunbonded, melt-blown, spunbonded (SMS) process, with the characteristics of antibacterial, hydrophobic, breathable, no dandruff, used for the final packaging of sterilized items, disposable use, without cleaning.

2 Quality standard requirements for medical non-woven fabrics: Medical non-woven fabrics used as final packaging materials for sterilized medical devices should meet the standard requirements of GB/T19633 and YY/T0698.2.

3 non-woven fabric is the period of validity: the period of validity of medical non-woven fabric itself is generally 2~3 years, the period of validity of products of different manufacturers is slightly different, please refer to the instructions. Sterile articles packed with medical non-woven fabric should have a valid period of 180d and not be affected by sterilization methods.

4 The non-woven fabric used for sterilization packaging should be 50g/m2 plus or minus 5g.

5 Medical non-woven cloth packaging surgical instruments, the closed packaging method, should be divided into two layers of non-woven cloth packaging, repeated folding can form a long bending path, to prevent microorganisms "easily" into the sterilization bag, not two layers of non-woven cloth packaging once.

6 Medical non-woven cloth after high temperature sterilization, its internal results will change, affect the penetration of sterilization medium and antibacterial performance, therefore, medical non-woven cloth shall not be repeated sterilization use.

7 Due to the hydrophobic performance of non-woven fabric, excessive and heavy metal instruments are sterilized at high temperature, and condensed water is formed during cooling process, which is easy to produce wet package. Therefore, water-absorbing materials should be placed inside the large instrument package, the loading capacity of the sterilizer should be appropriately reduced, space should be left between the sterilizer packages, and drying time should be appropriately extended to avoid wet packages as far as possible.

8 Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma should choose "Tyvek" non-woven fabric, can not use medical non-woven fabric containing plant fiber, because plant fiber will absorb hydrogen peroxide.

9 Although medical non-woven fabric does not belong to medical devices, it is related to the sterilization quality of medical devices. As a packaging material, the quality of medical non-woven fabric itself and the packaging method are very important to ensure the sterility level.

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