The basic situation of RPET non-woven fabric


RPET recycled non-woven fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled material that many customers may not know much about

The basic situation of RPET non-woven fabric is described in detail below.

1. What is RPET recycled non-woven fabric?

Recycled PET Fabric (RPET fabric), also known as recycled PET fabric, is a new type of green fabric made of recycled pet yarn, and its source is low

Carbon, creating a new concept in the field of regeneration.

2. How is RPET recycled non-woven made (production process)?

The production process of rpet non-woven fabric is:

Plastic bottle recycling → plastic bottle quality inspection and separation → Plastic bottle slicing → silk drawing, cooling and collecting →Recycled PET yarn → woven into fabric

3. Why is recycled non-woven fabric (RPET non-woven fabric) becoming more and more popular?

Because with the increasing environmental protection requirements of countries, countries and individuals want to protect the environment, so under this concept, more and more enterprises take the initiative to use environmentally friendly recycled non-woven fabrics, such as Volvo, Nike, Puma and other brands have announced the future large-scale use of rpet recycled non-woven fabrics.

4. What is GRS certification?

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standard that specifies third-party certification requirements for recycled content, chain of custody, social responsibility and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. After several months of hard work, Youyu successfully applied for GRS certification and became an internationally recognized manufacturer of recycled fabrics.

5. What are the advantages of regenerated RPET non-woven fabrics?

Yongguang non-woven recycled RPET non-woven fabric quality, cost-effective, support free sample, protect the rights and interests of customers, let customers buy at ease.

6. What are the application areas of recycled RPET non-woven fabrics?

Most of the products of luggage, shopping bags ,home textiles and clothing can be made of recycled RPET non-woven fabrics.

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