How to Maintain Nonwovens Fabrics


Maintenance of Nonwovens Fabrics: The following points should be noted during maintenance and storage of non-woven fabrics:

1. Keep it clean and wash regularly to prevent the breeding of moths.

2. When changing seasons for storage, it is necessary to wash, iron, and air dry before sealing in a plastic bag and placing it flat in the wardrobe. Pay attention to shading to prevent fading. Regular ventilation, dust removal and dehumidification should be carried out, and exposure to sunlight should not be allowed. Put anti mold and anti moth tablets in the wardrobe to prevent cashmere products from getting damp, mold, and insects.

3. When worn internally, the lining of the matching outer garment should be smooth, and hard objects such as pens, keybags, mobile phones, etc. should not be placed in the pocket to avoid local friction and pilling. Try to minimize friction with hard objects (such as sofa backrests, armrests, tabletops) and hooks when wearing externally. It is not easy to wear for too long. It is necessary to stop or change clothes after about 5 days to restore elasticity and avoid fiber fatigue and damage.

4. If there is pilling, it cannot be forcefully pulled. It is necessary to use scissors to cut off the pile ball to avoid irreparable damage caused by thread detachment.

Nonwovens Fabrics

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