Maintenance of non-woven fabrics


Non-woven fabrics have the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light and thin, flame retardant, non-toxic and tasteless, low price, recyclable and so on.
The following points should be paid attention to in the maintenance and collection of non-woven fabrics:
1. Keep it clean and wash it frequently to prevent the growth of moths.
2. When storing in different seasons, it must be washed, ironed, dried, sealed in a plastic bag, and placed flat in the wardrobe. Pay attention to shading to prevent fading. It should be often ventilated, dusted and dehumidified, and not exposed to the sun. Anti-mildew and moth-proof tablets should be placed in the wardrobe to prevent cashmere products from being damp and mouldy.
3. The lining of the matching coat should be smooth when worn inside, and hard objects such as pens, key bags, mobile phones, etc. should not be placed in the pockets to avoid local friction and pilling. Minimize friction with hard objects (such as sofa backs, armrests, table tops) and hooks when wearing them. It is not easy to wear for too long, and it must be stopped or changed for about 5 days to restore the elasticity of the clothes to avoid fiber fatigue damage.

4. If there is pilling, do not pull it forcefully. You must use scissors to cut off the pom-pom, so as not to be repaired due to off-line.

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